Monday, November 22, 2010

Surf Life Saving Trip

It was an amazing start to the day when I heard that we were on our way to MaiRangi bay. We were going to MaiRangi bay to learn and get some tips about swimming and how to stay save in the sun.

As we sat on the bus ready to go, Mrs Nua and Ms M did the roll to see if we were all hear. On our way there we didn't sing? that was the first time that we didn't sing on a bus trip. By the time Kalim and I started a song, we were already there.

As we approached the club house own by the life guards, wondering what's next, we saw all the parents standing around like a pack of wolfs stalking there pray. 'As we all now we need some parents to help us during the day and these kind people volunteered to help', Said Mrs Nua in a relived voice. The parents kindly introduced themselves with there name and we got split up into small groups.

When we entered the club house with a feeling of shock and excitement we saw that three female life guards were already upfront next to the white board ready to get started. They all told us there names, where they were from and where they monitored as a life guard. There names were Rosy, Raquel, Megan and Bayley. We learnt the basics of keeping save in the sun like slip, slop, slap and wrap . These things are really important to remember because you could get sun burn real easily when your at the beach.

After that we got a chance to have morning tea and a little run around for a few minutes. We played a little game of rugby on the sand with some boys.

After the break we got taught also more lessons about sun safety rules and we got asked some questions about what they were saying so they new that we were listening. The thing that I was interested about was the different kinds of waves like the Shore breaker, Spilling wave, Dumping wave and Surging wave. The most dangerous wave is the Shore Breaker because it drags you out to sea then chucks you back to shore then drags you back to sea and so on.

After a huge lesson on waves and keeping save in the sun we got to have a swim. But I didn't swim. Even though I didn't swim I still think that I learnt a lot about sun safety and loads more.

I really enjoyed my time at Mai Rangi bay because when I came out and went inside the bus to go back home I felt that I had a lot of knowledge about keeping save in the sun. I didn't even know that sun block could make a real deferents when you're in the sun, but it does!

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