Friday, July 15, 2011

Design Process and Furniture For the Street

We have been designing furniture for the street over the last few weeks. All of the students had to look for a problem in the street and use the furniture to solve the problem. My problem was people running around to much.

We researched and found a lot of designs and got some ideas of what and how we can make furniture.

After researching and finding ideas for our furniture we chose one idea and started to create it.

My design is a sitting area for people to have lots of conversations. This helps my problem because it closes down space for people to run around in and also clearly tells them this is a sitting area because of the design.

I made my design with a thin cardboard for the shape then used papier-mache around it.
When the glue dried I painted it white (under coat) My model is still under construction but here is a progress picture.

Next update will be soon so keep watching...................