Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Day And Night Cycle

Since our topic is "outta this world" as one of our tasks we had to tell in our own words how the day and night cycle happens. This slide show tells you how day and night occurs.
Thanks Tyler R for helping edit this piece of writing.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Dream 'Outta This World'

Brring.....’ scream the alarm, I tried to ignore it. I wanted to stay in my dream. My dream ‘Otta This World’ holiday.

I was sliding on the rings of Saturn trying to get away from Tyler, we were playing a game and he had to try and catch me. I was long gone from him and I saw him fall well sliding on the rings behind me. But that didn’t stop me, I was still trying my hardest to make the gap bigger because I already had a hiding spot that I planed earlier.

Luckily Tyler was saved by gravity ,someone must have turned it on, the game could play on. I finally got to my hiding spot, the dark hole. It was hidden behind a large group of sharp rocks. I had chosen this particular hiding spot because if he saw me then he would have to get past the sharp rocks before reaching me and I’d see him and get a descent head start to run away.

“Boo,” Screamed Tyler and gave me a fright so big that I woke up.
Thanks to Tyler for helping me edit this post.

Tennis Practise

Over the last couple of weeks we have been learning a few skills about how to play tennis. When I first heard of the idea I wasn't that excited but as soon as we started playing some games I realized how much I enjoyed playing it.

Even though it was raining my favourite session was our last one because we had a little tournament that was played with four players in each team,eight teams were involved. In my team was Jordan, Unaloto, April and myself.

Our first game was against Tyler’s team and I was first up to challenge there so called best player, Rachael. When I served the ball I saw that she was racing after it very quickly and I spotted a gap behind her so I tried my hardest to aim for that spot, watching the ball slowly approach me and once it hit the ground I carefully hit the ball not my hardest because I still don't know how to control it yet. To my luck it landed slightly off but still managed to get pass her. I got the point and it was the next persons turn.

During the tournament I was up against my next opponent, Tyler. It was his serve and once the ball left his hands I quickly predicted on where it was going and went for a risk and smashed it, it bounced once then Tyler went for a swing and totally missed. I felt like the All Blacks when they beat France in the finals for the World Cup.

The game was first to seven and we had six, Tyler’s team had four. We had the advantage of being in front but it was all up to April to win this for our team. We could fell the pressure as we watch behind her. She served the ball towards Cruz and Cruz swung, he hit the ball quite hard but she managed to tip it over the net Cruz was to far back and he sprinted up to the net but it was to late the ball had already bounced twice. We were victorious and we started cheering as we watched the other team leave our court.

That was one of the best feelings that I have felt during a tennis practise. We came out of the tournament undefeated and I was feeling really prod about it.

We are so lucky at our school to have a variety of sports to play, I've enjoyed playing most of them and I hope that we get a chance like this when we hit college.