Thursday, November 18, 2010


Ants are found practically anywhere on land . They have 6 legs ,feelers and transparent wings. Ants live together in a colony and work as an army to feed and defend their homes. They are also very industrious because they are always running around with a job to do. The Queens job is to lay eggs so that there will be more workers and defenders for there colony. In mid summers to the end of Autumn, swarming males and females go on a nuptial flight. Eventually some of the fertilised females drop to the ground. The males die. The females spread there wings and the survivors search out and establish a new colony.

(Extra Facts)

1. Nuptial means Marriage or weddings.
2. industrious means hard working.
3. A feeler is a long thin part that sticks out from the body it is used for feeling

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  1. Kia ora Tamati
    Thank you for your 'Ant' facts post. The thing I really enjoyed was your Glossary at the bottom. What a great idea for those readers who don't understand what those words mean. I will have to share this brilliant idea with the class. Well done! By the way... I hate ants, especially when they get into my honey puffs grrrrrr!


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