Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Smelly Bill Stinks Again

Bill the dog and his friends are one of a kind to many dogs because they always smell from looking in the trash . They also never ever have a bath because there is no one that can shove them in the tub, except for one person and her name is ‘Great Aunt Bleach’, she is the only one that can manage to get him in the tub. At the end it took a lot of muscle to get them in the tub but Great Aunt Bleach and her friends shoved them in with a heave and a hive.

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  1. Dear Tamati,
    What a hilarious book. I love the cover picture. My old dog loved getting into the rubbish bin, rolling in the mud or doing anything that made him stink. He didn't like having a bath but he did like swimming in the sea, so we used to take him down to the beach regularly. It worked like a dream!
    Love from Mrs Jarman


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