Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wolverine and Saber Tooth are brothers, they are both mutants. They both star in a cartoon called XMen. Saber Tooth is the enemy. When they were younger they both were part of the good team, but as they grew older Saber Tooth began to think that he was better than Wolverine.

Wolverine is the younger brother and Saber Tooth is the older brother. What makes Wolverine different to Saber Tooth is that he has claws coming out of his knuckles and his brother has claws straight from his nails. This usually happens when they are angry. Every time they see each other they want to fight, and they do but Wolverine always comes out on top or someone interrupts them and joins the fight.

One of the strengths that these two brothers have is to heal. They are able to heal themselves when they get hurt.

My favourite is Wolverine.