Friday, August 20, 2010

Gogeta is a cartoon character from Dragon Ball Z. Gogeta is a fusion. Fusion means that two people are combined together to make one person. The two people inside him are named 'Vegeta' and 'Goku' and that's how they got their name 'Gogeta'.

They are super saiyans. When they transform into a super saiyan their hair changes colour also their styles. They have the most funniest hair styles because there hair is spiked up to the very tip. When they become a super saiyan they become even stronger because they train very hard.

Vegeta is the ruffles one out of them and Goku is the calm and stronger one. Vegeta always gets angry when Goku wins because he is jealous.

The signature blast that he does wail fightings his enemies is called 'The Big Bang Kamehameha'. My favourite one is Vegeta because he doesn't care what happens to him and he never gives up even if he's hurt and he knows he's going to lose.

Those of you who have seen the cartoon Dragon Ball Z Ill give it a rating 9/10. What will you give it? You could watch this on Cartoon Network!

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  1. Wow, I never really knew that you liked watching Dragon Ball Z and that your favourite character is
    Gogeta. anyways hope to see some - more of wonderful posts.


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