Thursday, May 19, 2011

Zoom Zoom Zoom!!

Cars have changed a lot over the past 100 years because they are bigger, better, stronger and faster.

Some of the cars during the 1880’s had three wheels, 2.5 horsepower, no roof and it looked more like a horse carriage.

Nowadays, cars are faster because their engine has more power than older cars and the style of cars has also changed a lot. For instance, they used to have three wheels but now they have four wheels.

The thing that stands out for me inside cars in the present, are how much technology they’ve fitted inside them, there are things like GPS’s (a device that tells you where to go), T.V’s and loads more.


  1. Wow Tamati I like how you explained how cars have improved over the years.One thing that I like about a car is the look.

  2. I like the story of those cool cars they are the best.

  3. Hey Tamati, isn't it cool to look back and see what things were like in the past and how things have changed today and cars are a good example. Maybe next time you could include a video or sound. Keep up the cool blogging!
    Matua Wyllis

  4. Hey Tamati I really like your car.

  5. Hi Tamati I really like your car because it is really fast aND COOL


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