Friday, March 25, 2011

My Letter Home

Dear Nana,
How are you? Hope you are well. I really enjoy school because in my class are most of my friends. I especially like it now since we are have our own netbooks.

The thing that has got my interest in class mostly is how we can use our netbooks instead of our exercise books. I think that it makes my work look better and more interesting, it also helps me learn better because I am having fun as I am learning.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The First Day At Camp

Before camp. 7/03/11
We are having a team 5 camp next week and all of us are really feeling excited and looking forward to this. This is the first time in Pt England history that there is going to be a year seven and eight camp. Yesterday we all got put into our groups, Racheal and I are the captains of the wonderful group, ‘The Thinkerz ‘. I hope that I get along really well with my team mates during this experience at camp and I know that there going to be some hard times but I know that we’ll do really well about any situation.

At the end of camp Ms Tito and Mrs Nua announced the winners for camp and they said that our group, the Thinkerz had won because most of our people went swimming to get points for our team.

After camp
. 16/03/11

I think that this years camp was amazing and I hope that we can do another camp like that again. I really enjoyed camp because the team that I was working with didn’t really work together that much in the beginning and during the last bit of camp we were working really well because we knew each other better.