Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where In The World Is...........

This Task is about Countries that didn’t qualify for the 2011 world cup, we had to find out the basic information about these countries then we had to choose one to study more about.

Where in the world is.......

The capital city of India is New Delhi.

The Continent of India is South Asia

The population of India is 1,189,172,906 (July 2011 est)
The national sports of India are Cricket and Hockey.
Where in the world is........
Sri Lanka

The Capital city of Sri Lanka is Colombo

The Continent of Sri Lanka is South Asia.

The population of Sri Lanka is 21,283,913
The National Sports of Sri Lanka are Rugby and Cricket
The Country I have chosen to study is India.


  1. Hi Tamati,

    I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I hope to be an elementary teacher someday. Right now I am taking EDM 310. Your teacher may have talked a little bit about that class. It is really fun but a lot of work.

    India sounds really neat. Some of my fellow classmates are from there. I like rugby. It is a lot more interesting and intense than football or soccer. However, the players usually have nasty injuries. That is the only part of rugby that I dislike.

    If you have questions for me check out my blog.

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  2. Hello Tamati, My name is LeeAnn Bone. All these places sound really interesting. I have never been to them, but would like to visit them one day. To know where they are located and their capitals helps out, also, providing pictures to get a visualization of the country is a good idea. I have never really heard of rugby before, but from what I am reading and learning the sport seems to be really interesting. I may start watching them.


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