Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Conversation With Dakata About France

Map of France

We have had a lot of fun learning about the wonderful country France the home of romance. This is related to our theme “Keep Your Eye On The Ball”.

Here is the conversation with Dakata and myself that I have constructed about the amazing country.

“Good morning Dakata,” I said, “First question, for $10 . What is the capital of France?”
Dakata replied, “Is it Paris?”.
I screamed, “Yes it is, you have one the first prize, $10, would you like to carry on and win more or walk away with this amazing prize”
Dakata stood there in silence.............”I’ll choose to carry on and try to win the rest of the prizes”.
“Ok, next question, I asked Dakata, "Did you watch the game on Saturday, France Vs All Blacks?"
Dakata Replied, "yes".
"Who was the previous captain of the French team?" I cheered.
He stood there in silence, "Is it Damitri Yachvilli,” Dakata asked.
"Yes, I Didn't think you'll get that one".
"Next question, What is one major celebration that the french celebrate?"
"hmmmmmmmm, is one Bastile Day?"
"Yes," I said with shock.
Dakata came to the next prize. “Would you like to take the prize ($10.50) home or carry on to win more money”.
“That’s a hard one, I choose to carry on,” said Dakata.
“Wise choice, Is France a geographic region in Europe,” I asked him.
“Yes,” he said quickly.
“Very good,” I surprisingly said to him. Who was the Indigenous peoples of France,” I asked Dakata.
“is it the Moari’s,” He said slowly.
“Sorry Dakata, you are wrong, the answer was the Gauls,” I corrected him. that’s puts you back to $10.25,” I sadly told him.
“Next Question, Name one of the local delicacies in France,” I questioned him.
Dakata hesitated from the previous question he got wrong, “is it food.”
“Yes it is, believe it or not,” I answered Dakata.
“Congratulations, you have earned your $10.50 back.”
“On to our next question, can you name two famous people from France?”
“Serge Blanco and Dimitry Yachvilli,” interrupted Dakata.
“Again, yes!
“If you visited France where would be a good place to go?”
“The Efle Tower,” He cheered.
“Once again, Yes!”
“What is one major industry in France,” I asked Dakata.
“Is it Wine?” Dakata Replied.
“Describe what the France main playing strip is.”
Dakata willingly told me,“The French main playing strip has two dark blue stripes from the right shoulder down to the left hip and two logos, on the left is a red shield with a yellow roster inside it and on the right is a white Nike symbol and the rest of the jersey is Blue.”
“Well described,” I commented.
“What is the neighboring country of France?” I asked Dakata.
”Is the answer, Belgium?”
“You got that wright ,” I announced
“You have another boost in your prize, your prize now is $20000000000000000000000000000000000000000.50, what would you like to do, take the money or carry on, this time if you get one question wrong then you lose all the money and walk away empty handed” I slowly explained.
“I choose to carry on,” he shouted.
I asked Dakata the final question, “What year was the French Revolution and is this a historical event?”
“Was the year 1783 and yes it is a historical event.”
“I am so sorry to tell you that you are wrong and you lose all your money.”
“The answer was 1789 and it is a historical,” I sadly spoke to Dakata.

You have came to the end of this conversation thanks for reading. I hoped you enjoyed and laughed at my ending.
Thank you to Tyler for Editing my blog

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